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"watson and crick more like asshole and prick amirite"

- Rosalind Franklin (via bropunzeling)

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I went to the Asian Art Museum yesterday, and saw a lot of art that wasn’t actually Asian.

I haven’t posted in a long time. Have some San Francisco.

The family worth fighting for.

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"…and that was the scariest thing I ever saw on Doctor Who.
"I don’t remember that."
"It was a bonus thing on a DVD."

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Lupita Nyong’o’s brother celebrating her Oscar nom

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Photographer Gillian Laub's portraits of punk rocker Laura Jane Grace, her wife Heather, and their daughter Evelyn. These photos and the accompanying Cosmo article marked one year since Grace began her MtF transition after years of performing under the name Tom Gabel. 

This family is so cute I could die.  Literally the only thing that could make these three cooler would be if they balanced their rock ‘n roll lifestyle with doing some vampire hunting on the side. Moms in black, daughter in a pink tutu.

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2013: A Year in (non-chronoligical) Selfies

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Unfortunate parts about being mixed:

  • I have to buy a different shade of makeup for each season of the year.

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- Jimmy Carr

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